Some good news and some not so good mews
A new study finds insufficient evidence that AF screening helps more than it harms. It provides an immense opportunity to learn the limits of screening…
Perhaps you’ve noticed that medical decision-making is in the news these days. Here is a short post about the basics. I hope you find it relevant.
The LAAOS III trial teaches many important lessons on the interpretation of clinical science
The story of how an ineffective therapy persisted for decades
Unless new data emerges, percutaneous closure of the left atrial appendage may become one of cardiology's biggest errors.
Three COVID-19 topics that should make us Stop and Think
Since Stop and Think is about evidence, this review will focus more on the science of newsmaker studies.
The debate over vaccinating young people against COVID-19 offers an excellent exercise in thinking.
And no, it's not (exactly) political.
Evidence-based medicine and statin decision-making
Evidence is important but there are limits