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I practice full-time cardiac electrophysiology in a medium-sized American city. In the last decade, I have delved into academics. Here is my modest Pubmed page.

My two books included the Haywire Heart and Fogoros/Mandrola Sixth Edition EP Testing.

I also write a column for the online news site theHeart.org | Medscape Cardiology and host a weekly podcast called This Week in Cardiology.

My personal blog, drjohnm.org, started before I knew how to write. It began as a silly bike-racing blog, but morphed into a place to begin to think critically about medical evidence.

Over the years, I have increasingly used Twitter to think publicly. If you are on this platform, you understand that reasoned thinking and Twitter don’t align well.

This newsletter will be an attempt at long-form (not too long) thinking.

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A skeptical but not cynical view of scientific evidence


John Mandrola

Heart rhythm doc, writer/podcaster for @Medscape, learner, cyclist, married to an #HPM doctor. #MedicalConservative. The more you see, the harder medicine gets